The cornerstone to life.  

​​​​​​​Identity . campaign . Illustration
Studio: Fortis
Tanya Zouev
Stylist: Kendra McCarthy
Melbourne Design Awards 2021, Gold (Outdoor Media)
Melbourne Design Awards 2021, Silver (Publication Design)

Pillar+Tide is a boutique collection of luxury residences in Melbourne, moments from the Brighton waterfront on Port Phillip Bay.

Architecturally, the form of Pillar+Tide presents as strong, constant, and timeless; reduced to its raw, core elements. In contrast, residents’ lives are represented as soft, evolving, fluid, perfectly imperfect, where no two days are ever quite the same. It was this compelling juxtaposition that inspired our approach.
The photography pairs a robust rough-cut piece of stone with a contrasting object that tells a more personal story. Each image pairing conveys life and movement over a space of time, through subtle lighting changes, shadow play and stylised props. The stone remains still across frames, whereas the human element changes to indicate the story that has unfolded over the time between images.
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