Strength, resilience, foresight.

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​brand identity . Art direction . website design
Studio: Fortis
Motion: Peter Drew
AGDA 2021, Merit (Brand identity – brand refresh)
Transform Awards ANZ 2021, GOLD

Founded in 2016, Pallas Capital is a young, progressive and ambitious debt and equity fund manager, specialising in the financing of Australian Commercial Real Estate. Leveraging Australia’s increasingly significant non-bank lending market, the business had expanded steadily to the point that, by late 2020, it had outgrown its original brand identity.
In an industry notorious for being static, dry and impersonal, Pallas Capital seized the opportunity to undertake a dynamic brand refresh, creating a standout new brand identity defined by the three core principles of Strength, Resilience and Foresight. Reassuringly professional for investors, yet also personal and accessible, the new brand is filled with meaning and movement. Launched in early 2021 and already phenomenally successful, the new Pallas Capital brand has reframed the non-bank lending conversation in Australia, creating the space – both literal and figurative – to present the market with a highly considered and compelling lending alternative.
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