Breakfast & lunch served
sunny side up.
Identity .  Art direction . Illustration
Studio: Fortis
Photographer: Alessandro Squadrito

Sitting pretty in South Melbourne’s lakeside pocket, Clementine’s here to take care of you. The juice is cold, the coffee’s hot, the smiles are warm and, while the service comes sunny side up, the eggs come just the way you like ‘em. From all-day, rib-sticking sustenance to a pre-noon appropriate cocktail list, we’ve got just what you need to get that smile on your dial and a spring in your step.
With the food philosophy of ‘a modern take on the classics’, from jaffles with kangaroo pastrami and pork floss, to crisps with coffee foam, we were briefed to conceptualise the name and brand for this all day dining venue in South Melbourne that focused on old-school excellence in food and hospitality.
Hoping to create a neighbourhood favourite, we developed a sunny personality for Clementine, taking some retro nods, combined with a somewhat cheeky tone of voice.

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