Castlerose; Salacious yet elegant, dark yet dignified.
Identity . campaign . Art direction
Studio: Fortis
Photographer: Alex Squadrito
Nestled underneath the din of the street, sits the brooding South Melbourne supper club. A grandiose den, dark yet dignified, Castlerose is a backdrop of elegance for all occasions. Like the space itself the menu marries comfort with sophistication and is a seasonal celebration rich in its history and rotund with modern flair. 
These are the nights they’ll call the good old days.
Our team was briefed to develop a holistic concept for the upper daytime cafe, alongside the underground bar. The owners Glen Bagnara & Philippe Perrey were inspired by Winston Churchill and the subterranean parties of 10 Downing Street, from which we springboard our creative concept.
We created a narrative that tied both venues together; the upper cafe being named ‘Clementine’ (Churchill’s wife) emitting a bright and sunny personality, while we named downstairs ‘Castlerose’ allegedly the name of Churchill’s lover, emitting a sense of debauchery, passion, and mystery.

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