The homequarters for expanding minds
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Identity Design, Illustration Art Direction
Studio ― Monogram
Illustrator ― Claire Foxton
At Bowden House, located at 132 McEvoy Street, people genuinely come home to work. Super comfortable and open, the building designed by SJB Architects, provides working freedom and flexibility, allowing for fresh experimentation and collaborative exchanges, set within the urban renewal utopia of the Alexandria Precinct.
Bringing the outdoors in provides a deeper connection to nature and a way to recharge. With a breadth of workspaces for creative and innovative thinkers to deliver, Bowden House is a place that rejuvenates and inspires, within an architecturally-designed and fully-considered new business home.
The identity and supporting illustration delivered on the vision for Bowden House to become the business home to the next generation of innovative movers and shakers, ready to define the future of blended workplace success. 
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